Aluminium die casting machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Service markets include the United States, India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia.


[TBC-diecast]Global aluminium die casting machine manufacturers in Taiwan

Technology Base Corporation, established in 1988, is the first ISO9001 certificated professional die casting machine manufacturers and supplier in Taiwan for automatic auxiliary equipments and parts applied to die casting field. Our main products include Diecasting Machine, Auto. Ladler, Auto. Sprayer, Auto. Extractor, Molten Metal Auto. Charging System and etc. Especially good at advanced aluminum die casting machine production, rigorous and quality pressure technology control process, affordable price, high quality manufacturing quality, and adhere to Taiwan’s world-renowned precision manufacturing technology and serious attention to every detail point working, TBC is worthy of your trust in the United States, India, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia..

[die casting equipment]Providing zinc and aluminum die casting machine to the United States, India, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia

TBC has stable cooperation with customers in India, the Middle East and East Asia. We are one of the top die casting machine manufacturers in Taiwan. In addition to the main aluminium diecasting machinery and zinc diecasting equipment, we also provide all diecast equipment services in this field. Whether it is a traditional hot chamber diecasting equipment model or the most popular and widely used cold chamber diecasting machinery model, TBC provides a certain degree of customization requirements to create the most suitable, stable, and durable die casting equipment for you. As a leading Taiwan die casting machine manufacturer, we have the confidence to be your best choice among them. In addition to providing diecasting machines video, this site also provides you use on the CONTACT page, you can ask all kind of die casting equipment and high pressure die casting machine for safety, price, machine application of alloy metal and other issues.

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